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Information about the instructional Hawaiian steel guitar video DVDs produced by Homespun Tapes and Learn Roots Music. The steel guitar videos included on this page are in DVD format and they feature slide guitar instruction by Bob Brozman and Steve Dawson.

Hawaiian Lap Style Slide Guitar DVD by Steve Dawson
TITLE: Hawaiian Lap Style Slide Guitar
INSTRUCTOR: Steve Dawson
STUDIO: Learn Roots Music
DVD RELEASE DATE: April 14, 2008
RUN TIME: 108 minutes
WHERE TO BUY: Dawson DVD at Amazon.com
PRODUCER'S DESCRIPTION: Let Steve introduce you to his amazing world of Lap Style Llide Guitar in C tuning (CGCGCD) in this easily accessible lesson for the intermediate slide player. 'Steve has evolved into a musical chameleon, whether appearing with his group Zubot and Dawson, the avant-folk quartet The Great Uncles of the Revolution or blues legend Jim Byrnes, and now, he proves he's a great teacher too!' In this lesson, Steve focuses on his specialized style of playing lap-style slide in open C tuning. Using an original country blues to show how he plays in C major, Steve moves through the mixolydian mode ( flat 7ths) and into the C minor scale with a song demonstration on each while showing his unique techniques throughout. All licks are shown for the left and right hands with slow, easy to understand instruction and then played up to speed with lots of tips along the way. Steve will have you improvising in no time at all with this great lesson for the lap style slide player!

Hawaiian Steel Guitar DVD by Bob Brozman
TITLE: Traditional Hawaiian Steel Guitar
STUDIO: Homespun Tapes
DVD RELEASE DATE: March 1, 2005
RUN TIME: 85 minutes
WHERE TO BUY: Brozman DVD at Amazon.com
PRODUCER'S DESCRIPTION: Get the real Hawaiian steel guitar sound! This lesson for guitarists, Dobro, lap steel and pedal steel players covers bar techniques, hand positions, scale patterns, Hawaiian tunings, vibrato, harmonic "chimes" and more. Bob stresses the importance of using palm harmonics and explains some incredible secrets for getting sounds up and down the neck. You'll learn to play four Hawaiian classics "Mai Kai No Kauai;" "Maui Chimes;" "Moana Chimes;" "Uhe, Uhene" and grasp how this music has profoundly influenced today's bluegrass, country, Western swing, jazz and Tex-Mex styles.

Producers of Hawaiian Steel Guitar Videos

Homespun Steel Guitar Videos
The Homespun Music Instruction company sells pedal steel guitar and lap steel guitar videos featuring instruction by Bob Brozman, Bruce Bouton, Chuck Campbell, and others. Homespun's slide guitar and steel guitar DVDs are divided into four categories: Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Bottleneck Blues Guitar, and Rock Slide Guitar. To see all of the Homespun slide guitar videos, including their Hawaiian steel guitar videos, select "Slide and Steel Guitar" from the menu on the left side of their home page.

Learn Roots Music Steel Guitar Videos
The "Learn Roots Music" instructional DVDs are produced by Doug Cox and Chris Manuel and they are distributed by Mel Bay Productions. Their steel guitar DVDs include "Hawaiian Lap Style Slide Guitar" by Steve Dawson, "Understanding Slide Guitar" by Doug Cox, "Slide Guitar in Standard Tuning" by Sam Hurrie, and "Lap-Style Slide in C Tuning" by Steve Dawson,

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